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This was just down right crazy funny to me.
It would have been pretty perfect except you cannot fool me
with that Hot Asami (Loveprize in viewfinder)
body!!! The pecs! Washboard extreme! Lordy.
(Not to mention poor Takaba was all tied up, ahurrr....)
But we still love you Noiz and Aoba <3
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@Danse I was going to watch it and this video gave me a great heads up. At least I know what will happen.
@CindyLin Well, this is just a Fan-made Video which they created to match with the Book/Movie Fifty Shades of Grey. The actual DRAMAtical Murder anime is pretty free from any real "action" of a perverse nature. The game however is Yaoi flavored to an extreme, so... >_> Play at your own discretion if you decide to do so in the future.
@Danse Oh thanks for telling me. Didn't know that! :D
dying inside
Noiz is like everything