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Hello Vingle newsies!
Last week a theme in our discussion was about the Government Hacking into our phones, internet, and tracking our data. And the weeks before that it was Gun Control. And we carried the conversation from one card to another and it was AWESOME.
This got me thinking...

What if we have a whole week of discussion on a current event/ issue?

I thought each week we could focus on a specific topic, with a variety of cards about it. This week I’d like to kick it off with one issue that seems to be popping up in the News a LOT.

Ocean Pollution and Destruction.

@TessStevens posted a card last week about this issue. Feel free to check out her card as a model for the discussion. You'll Be Shocked To See Where Your Trash Actually Goes
If you want to be a part of this week’s theme please feel free to make cards related to the issue and put them in the News Community, and comment on the cards on this issue!
I will be collection all the cards into one collection here: Death of the Ocean.

I will tag everyone that wants to participate in the discussion throughout the week to keep the conversation flowing. But I need people to join me in the week of talk!

Because if we truly want to be informed community, we can’t just learn a bit about something. We need to work on continuing the conversation!

I've taught my daughters never to pollute and to reuse anything we can. I no longer buy styrofoam cups, plates or anything plastic. I don't even buy hand napkins, I use kitchen towels to dry my hands. The school I work for went on a school trip, last year for earth day, we went to the beach to clean up. Now that's what I do with my daughters. Whenever we go to to beach and we see garbage, we pick it up and throw it away.
This is his 'yes please' face:
For the sea turtles and whales! @RaquelArredondo
@nicolejb I almost majored in marine biology. Of course you can tag me and count me in to help. :)
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