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I went looking for a recent fancam of SHINee for @VixenVivi since she gave me the first request for this collection (THANK YOU!!!!)

And I found this SUPER HD VIDEO of SHINee!!!

They're performing "View" at the Gyeonju Hallyu Dream Concert on September 20, 2015!! All their performances since then have been missing at least 1 member, so I thought this would be better to share :)
And they look good in super HD. Seriously. Click the 4K button. My laptop can't even load 4K and I'm practically staring at their pores it's glorious
/wipes sweat

To get a new fancam in your feed everyday...

I also accept requests for certain groups, so send them my way!!
Thank you again @VixenVivi for the request ^-^
Recent good. I love SHINee.....
@JaxomB nice!!! I should listen to mine this week too. it's been awhile since I just listened to a full disc of them ^^
@byeolbit I was actually listening to their SHINee World disc 1 one on the way to work today. I don't know why....just felt like it.
@JaxomB Me too!!! I still prefer some of their older music but this performance was great :D
@VixenViVi Sure!! They all have fansites so I'm sure I can find things though they probably wouldn't be as recent ^-^ I'll do them later this week~
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