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Jared Leto is many things: a multi-platinum rock and roll front man, an Oscar winning actor, a music video director and all around artist. All of things would be irrelevant if he weren't a dreamer.
I've gotten a lot of shit for having big dreams. But without them...I would be nothing. My dreams push me to succeed, to do become something bigger than myself, to help people. Dreams keep me alive.
Here are 5 quotes from Jared that can kick start your faith in dreaming and make you a fearless innovator like him.
To continue on in the face of adversity is the most important thing. Jared came from humble beginnings. He was raised by a young, single mother and didn't have much growing up. But he channeled his creativity and energy into positivity. His story is inspirational and shows that if you keep trying...anything can happen.
This is one of my creeds as a human. We have to be able to put our wild energy into tangible results. I have a lot of ideas, and sometimes I can't get them to work because I never do anything about them. Creation is just that: CREATION. DOING. PUTTING WORDS INTO ACTION.
Jared is a do-er. And by doing, he's accomplished more than a lot of people would ever hope to. You can to, if you adopt this philosophy.
Focus is key. If you dream without focus, you can't do much. But if you create a plan, follow it and create new things along the way. There is nothing you can't do. You have to fight the negativity because it will only bring you down!
Willingness to dream is half the battle. It's easy for us to get stuck in the mundane and the useless. We get bogged down by E-mails and protocol...but if we are willing to buck the system in favor of something better, brighter, stronger...the sky is the limit. We just have to CONVINCE ourselves that it is the right choice. Because, you'll be a lot happier if you do what you want and create your own path.
Above all else, in order to be a dreamer you have to be brave. Strength is key. It is not easy to be a dreamer. You get a lot of shit for wanting to change things. People will say your head's in the clouds...that you're not realistic. But fuck them. You have to do your own thing. Independence and dreams go hand in hand. You can do anything you want if you let yourself. And Jared Leto is living proof.

Which quote was your favorite?

Would you consider yourself a dreamer?

Anytime! @MelissaMae I've been down some snakey roads. And the only thing that I can say saved me was having faith that somehow things would get better. The end has no end :)
@MelissaMae you know...I'm in your boat too. It takes a hell of a lot for me to get positive and look toward the future. But I try to really push myself each day to do that. It's so hard. And I know when life throws a bunch of shit in your face it feels like nothing can go right. But I want you to know that it can get just have to open that door for yourself. Maybe dreaming is the first step! :D
haha i dream of being a positive person but that'll never happen. lol
thank you. ☺