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I think Movie Mash-ups are starting to become the "in-thing" these days. I can't walk two steps in Internet land without coming across another one that I absolutely love. Today's mash-up might be my favorite simply because I had this thought while I was watching Age of Ultron.
If you don't know/never watched The Office then you are probably unaware that James Spader (voice of Ultron) was a reoccurring character on The Office as Robert California. He was a boss who was kind of out there and had an intense way of speaking to people.
That being said, Red Letter Media was clever enough to edit Robert California's dialogue into bits and pieces of Age of Ultron and for fans of both this is a must watch.
Hearing Robert California's lines come through Ultron is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. It makes Ultron a little more insane than he was in the movies. While I watched the movie, part of me wanted to believe that they were the same character.
The best part of this edit is the way they tried to fit in the California dialogue with the dialogue of the Avengers. Some of the reaction shots they used and the dialogue they chose makes each situation a lot funnier than it should be.
I also love the way Ultron comes off as an aimless, philosophical, drunk who is fighting the Avengers for no other reason than to just fight them. And at times, the edit seems like it has this narrative of Ultron as a character who just wants to be friends with the rest of the cast. I, honestly, can't get enough of it.
I have never seen this before, but it seems pretty cool.
@shannonl5 Hey, now instead of just killing them off, Ultron can just sue all of them out of their money and watch them fall into ruin and slowly die off. He wins. He wouldn't have to deal with all the paperwork of leveling and entire city. Who could resist?
This is so weird and it works so well. @Namrow @imTANNERthanU @LAVONYORK @MoisEsGaray @XavierLopez have you all seen this yet? Lol.