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We all know that sometimes beauty is pain.

As women we go through drastic measures sometimes to both look and feel beautiful. Turns out that not only women are taking these drastic measures. Men are becoming just as brave, well at least some men happen to be. Thanks to the video [seen above], these women bribed their husbands into letting them receive bikini waxes.
If you've ever had a wax before than you know the experience isn't as pleasant as the result. Jenny [one of the brave guys girlfriends] says, "I think it's neccessary for guys to see what we go through for grooming purposes." The fact that a bikini wax is supposed to be less painful than a Brazilian doesn't say too much according to the reactions of these guys. I guess it's a little too late to tell them to man up. Anyway, if you want a good laugh or want to convince [or not convince] your video to allow you to give him a bikini wax than keep scrolling and prepare to be amazed.
"In the words of Corey: "Mad respect to women. Mad respect.""
I've only done it twice. It definitely wasn't a pleasant experience at all @TerrecaRiley
the best and the worst summed up in this video, haha the things us ladies go through @danidee @nicolejb @mchlyang @TerrecaRiley @Kamiamon
I feel like if I wore a lot of swimsuits and stuff, I'd do it a lot more, but I'm too lazy, lol. I'm like @TerrecaRiley. Bring on the razor.
@jordanhamilton I've never waxed before. But I'll just stick to my good idol razor
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