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This week, Aladdin will become to Blu-Ray for the first time (October 13th, to be exact) and it seems like the Blu-Ray will have some cool new special features on the disc as well. One of them that just got some press is some footage of Robin Williams giving his all in the recording booth.
ABC released some of that footage (above) during a segment about Aladdin on Good Morning America and while it isn't much, I thought it was interesting to see new footage of a celebrity we unfortunately lost last year...
[And I had that thought. And I let that sentence resonated in my head after I typed it. "... a celebrity we unfortunately lost..." And I couldn't understand why I worded it that way. Maybe part of me wanted to sound like someone who wrote on the Internet professionally. Even then, I had a problem with the way that sentence is put together. Because "we" didn't lose anything. I don't know what it is about American media or maybe it's America in general. But we put so much stock in people we have never met.
Yes, it is sad that someone had taken their own life last year. But why is it that we exploit these people after they pass away. This footage that's barely in the video I put in this card is going to be a main selling point for the Blu-Ray, it's going to be the reason people click on this card. I'm guilty of this too. I don't want to believe that I'm being clickbait-y. But maybe that's just the nature of the world we live in now.
I feel genuine sadness about Robin Williams' and everything he suffered from. But I don't know why I felt the need to capitalize on it or why a lot of us feel the way.]
I know how the media strangles all bits of "interesting news," but I really did mourn him, not cause of how much media was on him, but of all the influence he had in my childhood, on my creativity, my humor, and way of thinking. He was a person who was simply good at making people laugh, and that's a valuable super power. I'll never forget him. c:
There will NEVER BE another Robin Williams!!!!! I am so angry. When I go, besides my family, I want to sit down in front of him and watch him be himself a comedian a funny person. I cried when he passed. He was the best part of my childhood. may he rest in peace.
this guy was funny.
I almost cried seeing this just brings back memories of a great person.
i miss him he was my favorite actor and all ways will be rest in peace robin williams
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