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The leader: Storm, aka Ororo Monroe. She was a queen of a nation with the Black Panther as King and one of the few lead pillars of the Xmen enough said
The Brawn: Wonder Woman aka Princess Diana. The warrior princess rivals superman in strength in the new 52 and she does so with grace and skill that she honed in her homeland of Themescira. Being blessed by the gods Hera and Athena help her in being powerful yet Tactical
The Mercinary: Gamora Trained by the Mad titian Thanos to be an elite intergalactic assassin. She is only rivaled in her skill by Black Widow and yet is a powerhouse herself to her adventures across the universe. Another deadly mind with skills combination in a group of smart tactical women. Makes her the deadliest addition
The Brains: Emma Frost One of the Xmen's most formidable foe's turned ally, She has the same level of psychic ability like Charles Xavior and has the ability to have a diamond body. With her being the brains behind some of the Xmens greatest closes calls and greatest victories she is the brains of this group.
The Happy One: Cat Woman aka Selena Kyle Who better to liven things up than the promiscuous playful cat woman. Yes she may be an anti hero, she has helped batman out the most and is great comic relief and dose of playfulness everyone needs in their life @shannon15 @poojas @RosePark @Kiizzoe @VinMcCarthy @JapaneseLover I challenge you all to the "Who's on your squad: Super Heroine" Challenge Good Luck!!!!!
Emma frost was a great choice.I didn't know she helped the Xmen with so many close calls!
That's a pretty bad Ass team here of deadly Beautiful women hahaah x) my favorite one would be Emma Frost hahah she's hot and powerful x)
This is a boss lady group! Very strong!
@GiovanniSolorza this is awesome!!!! I love where you took this challenge! You picked awesome characters ^_^
Wish I could...but Im not a fan of super heroes T.T sorry... It does look fun tho!
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