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I repeat normal people just don't exist it's all in our heads.
its the ugly beautiful truth about our humanity
who would want to be "normal" anyway? Isn't it our eccentricities that really make us who we are? I hate people that are black and white. They're usually so set in their ways they won't even think about others and that's just downright boring. I personally enjoy people that just don't care and are themselves no matter the situation. That's just my two cents.
like I said it's all in your head what you see are people who aren't normal but those people probably see them self as normal not because they are like everyone else but because that's simply who the are☺. the word normal can not simply have a single definition!! my two cents and some facts!
secrets make us human, make us interesting. it gives someone something to protect, even if there isn't a need for it. secrets are important. shared secrets make stronger relationships- either because of trust or fear.
@VinMcCarthy well said. Very true👍