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Okay, so it's Monday, and I'm JUST doing the Thursday challenge, so don't hate me for being so behind, @RosePark and everybody. (I've been busy drawing for Inktober. Hath thou seen my Catbus?!)
Anyway, I was trying to decide who would most accurately be my anime persona, and I instantly thought of Panda from Shirokuma Cafe.

Allow me to explain why:

Well, first, did you know that I'm cute? Because I am. Just like Panda.

I am really bad at doing house chores. I try to clean my room at least once a week, but it always looks like a bomb hit it.

I'm always hungry. Last week, my friends and I ate dinner at two different restaurants. We're shameless.

No, seriously. I just had a bagel, and I'm already hungry.

I'm the loudest person on the subway. Or the bus. Or the restaurant. Or the movie theater. At a friend's house. At my own house. And sometimes inside a church.

I love sports, but I lack any real athletic ability. Seriously. I'm bad. Like, 'last picked for the kickball team' bad.

I am also an incredibly awkward human being, which is probably apparent to most of you by now.

I hope you enjoyed my response! And if you've never seen Shirokuma Cafe, I highly recommend checking it out! It's a great, silly anime for when you've just finished a really, really heavy one.
My friends online call me Panda... And now I must watch this show!
@RosePark Oh no. That's like whenever I watch any type of Japanese gag show. I feel like Japan has a lot of inside jokes lol.
@danidee It's literally the anime form of Japanese Humor! Even I couldnt understand some of the references xD
@RosePark I've never seen "Nichijou"!! I should watch it this week.
@GrowingArt YOU SHOULD. It's really hilarious.
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