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When love becomes a race war, it's no longer love.

Like I always say, "love knows no color". It's such a shame that we still live in a world where couples can't be genuinely happy with who they choose to love. The color of someones skin should not be the topic of discussion in 2015. According to this heart wrenching images taken by photographer, Donna Pinckley in her exhibit titled "Sticks and Stones" interracial couples were photographed to remind others about the harsh world we live in.
Along with each photograph comes an insult that the couple was told by a stranger. Trust me, they are hurtful. Comments ranged from "They are disgusting." to "If she can't use your comb, don't bring her home!" According to Huff Post, Pinckley was photographing a white woman and her black boyfriend when the women told Pickney's mom comments they've heard, including, "If you go black, they won't touch you." Words definitely cut deep, but not deep enough to break a true bond of love between two people. If you're interested in seeing love in no color at all, keep scrolling.

More like, people are mean and hurtful.

Love, well love is beautiful if you let it be.
love never hurts, only people hurt people; people who have no love hurt people
Does anyone know what colour Adam and Eve were? the fact that we don't is a strong message that it's really not about the colour?
Me n my parents are mixed. it's how you are raised. I was raised that I'm a human being. everyone else is human beings. yes everyone's different but that's just cultures. and mixing cultures can be fun, interesting, and a good thing. It's not bad. sharing differences is nice.
exactly!!! I've always said that love cannot see color. just love who you love. people are evil. it's truly saddening @Rita77892141
I don't like some of the comments but that's what people do I have a Korean boyfriend and I am Puerto Rican we don't see race we see two people who love each other (people) not race or color love him lots
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