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The Prince Needs Help!

This is Prince Fielder struggling to overcome a fence during Game 2 of the American League Division Series.

It looks like the Prince needs some help with his hitting as well.

He has been hitting 1-for-12 this postseason. Time to step up your game dude!

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@karencorchado Haha well you gotta understand it's baseball. There are going to be players like Bryce Harper and there're going to be players like CC and Prince!
@karencorchado True that haha. I mean even if you don't need to be as fit as cross country runners in baseball, you should be able to go over that fence in the dugout!
ahaahaha @ButterflyBlu @danidee I'm crying with laughter over how cute you guys are splitting up the food lololol. I'm sad that the world had to go and photoshop that, though!! Just more stupid fatshaming :(
@allischaaff I'll always share with @danidee sister! ^.^ You want some, too? ;) @mchlyang YES!! *hugs* Me toooo! <3 It's so good, isn't it? Mmm!