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Am I the only person who watched "I need you" like a hundred times or more and still cry when I see Jungkook get beat up?? Does anyone else do that to? Or is it just me?
@IGOT7DOYOUGOT7 he's my bias toooooo!
I do, he is my bias and it makes me sad I know it isn't real but my heart makes me feel like it is real.
oh haha 馃槀馃槀 right... but it still makes me cry @ArmyofKookie .
UM YES HELLO THE FRIKING GOLDEN MAKNAE IS BEING BEATEN UP BY HIS MANAGERS ( still funny they just used the managers when they couldn't find anybody else XD ) BUT HIS ACTING IS SO CONVINCING OMFG WHENEVER HE ACTS/FAKE CRIES / actually cries I cry... ;-; why Kookie...
I do too! I am constantly like nooo! not kookie!!!!!! I wanna beat those guys ass and kiss him to make him better lol.But that's not what kills him its the car hitting him.... at least I think it was him... it looked like him but that was like after 20 views of the MV.
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