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welcome to heartbreak hotel!
ok so I've just had my heart broken to pieces. A month after confessing his love to me, he now tells me that he and his ex is going to try to reload their old relationship. I'm very disappointed and also sad......
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@TerrecaRiley Girl you just gave me life! I smiled and laughed so much. thank you my new cyber buddies @quietone @TerrecaRiley @ButterflyBlu and @EddiePozo thank you guys for cheering me up!
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@delnygro Awesome! that's the purpose we should all serve in each other's lives.
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Hope you're feeling even better today @delnygro, he doesn't deserve you!! And you'll find someone way better in time :* watch out for @TerrecaRiley hahaha she'll beat him up for you!! XD
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@delnygro pssstt... and congrats on making your first card!! XD
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lol thank you @allischaaf you guys make me smile!
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