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This pic made me think of how the narcissist is when someone points out any flaw in his character or anything about him. They may be doing it kindly and with the intentions of resolving a conflict. they may be pointing it out because it is hurting them and the relationship. Or they may not be pointing out anything. they may be reacting emotionally (crying, etc.) to something the narcissist has done. Instead of looking inward and seeing what he needs to change, the narcissist takes it out on the victim and blames them. In other words. if they dont like what they see reflecting back to them, they want to break the mirror rather than aknowledging and fixing what's wrong with themselves. Because in that ego consumed, self-worshiping mind of his, he cant imagine that he has a problem or that he needs to change. If he ever does admit any fault in himself, it is only to get pity from others whom he wants to manipulate and control.
yes exactly, it is projecting or putting guilt off on the other. in their mind it justifies what they are doing if they can accuse the other of doing it.
@melissamae I believe you're even trying to point out what they call projection. the narcissist will actually claim that others have all the faults they actually have. a prime example in relationship is that when a partner is cheating they many times find a way to accuse the faithful partner of cheating.
I had people take my opinions as something personal against them when it had nothing to do with them
but a narcissist wik take it a step further and try to make you feel like you are the one with the problem which they see in themselves but will not own up to.
yes that is exactly what this post is about. they see themselves in something you said even though it was not meant to be directed at them. and instead of owning it, they just take it as a direct attack on their character or something about them.
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