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Hi, my name's Meg, and I'm new to this app. I'm a big fan of the jrock band the GazettE, and I'm looking to find others who are also fans, since no one else I know listens to them. I like anime and manga, and enjoy learning about other cultures, and I look forward to meeting new people through this app!
I am somewhat of a newbie on here too, but it awesome to meet some people on here who love anime/manga, and even J-rock! :) I love the Gazette, Girugamesh, Kamijo, MUCC, SUG, Alice Nine, and a good number of other J-rock artists lol. I also like the anime that ya mentioned too, in fact I love a lot of different types of anime and manga. In fact, I love everything from the very cutesy fun anime to your dark and gore anime. Welcome aboard the Vingle group, and hope you have fun on here! :)
Hah! Most of us like most of the mainstream anime, nothing to be shy about :p like the GazettE as well??? I have only listened to a few songs but it is difficult finding people who love them...anyways welcome!!!
You just said you like anime >.> but what ones? what genre? faverite characters? give us a little more to tease and talk to you about ^.^ Anywayyyyy, Welcome to our Lil Aniparadise, grab whatever anime/manga you like and have a seat, stay for awhile. We have great cookies ^_^
Okay, well I don't really have a favorite genre, but a couple of my favorites are psycho-pass, black butler, and attack on titan. I know, kinda mainstream, but I really liked them.