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Please comment if you like this translation. It will encourage me to continue working on the translation : ) . Please don't take it to another side without asking for permission first ------------------------------------------------------------------ Part 1 + Summary: Part 2: Part 3: Ch 175 Raw + Translation: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter 174 Page1 (Cover page) The times which we are unable to return to…and the bond between brother and sister are so strong Page 2 & 3 Noda sensei: Hotaru, does it mean that you choose to sacrifice yourself in order to save Natsume? Page4 Noda sensei: Hotaru, you can’t! What are you trying to do? Please stop her! Page 5 Hotaru's brother: Don’t be silly! Please stop! Page 6 Hotaru: Please do not stop me. Page 7 Hotaru: Noda sensei should already know that Natsume is destined to be with Mikan. I refused to believe that it is Natsume’s destiny to die and Mikan’s destiny to lose all her loved ones. Page 8 I can no longer quietly accept this harsh reality. There must be something that can be done about Natsume’s death.. Page 9 & 10 If I were to let Nantsume die now, I would regret and be remorseful for the rest of my life! Page 11 For Mikan’s sake, I hope that Nantsume will be able to live. Noda sensei: Hotaru, you have yet to understand the situation! Page 12 If only we were able to arrive earlier, then he would have been saved.. Yuka! Page 13 Hotaru: Brother.. Page 16 He has been revived! Hotaru: Brother, why must you do this? Page 17 Hotaru: I wanted to do this alone so that I would be the only one facing the consequences of this disaster, but brother why did you have to do this? Brother you will be graduating and will be able to see Papa and Mama soon! Hotaru's brother: Natsume is fine now. Page 18 Hotaru: Please stop! Since our last trip together, I have not done anything for you. Let us start all over again as brother and sister! Page 19 As your brother, how can I let you suffer all these alone? Page 20 You are indeed so obstinate, my sister. As you think for others, you have neglected those who care for you. Page 21 No matter how far apart we are…we are still brother and sister! Page 22 Brother, I’m sorry! Page 23 Hotaru: I’m sorry Papa, Mama, Mikan… Please forgive my rashness! Page 24 Noda sensei: Mikan will soon arrive and will still see Natsume dead. Page 25 Isn’t this what you have been waiting for Hotaru? Let’s go..before Mikan arrives! Nantsume will only be able to rest if he leaves with us.. Let us get back and wait for the consequences that await us. Page 26 I don’t know if we are able to get back to the modern world safely! Page 27 Mikan, seems to have lost her memory and forgotten everyone in the Alice school. The two of you have finally arrived! Mikan…. Page 28 Hotaru: Noda sensei, thank you for all that you have done. Please help me this last time.. Let me see Mikan one last time… End of Ch 174