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No matter how many we have, we always lose them.

Oh, you thought I was talking about boyfriends? No, not this time. I'm actually referring to those little black hair accessories we have grown to call bobby pins. When we need them the most they're nowhere to be found. Sounds pretty familiar, huh? I figured.
We always seem to focus on the negative when it comes to bobby pins, but contrary to popular belief bobby pins actually have more than one use. When you're not losing your endless supply of bobby pins, keep scrolling to figure out how else you can use your favorite hair accessory.

Give Your Bobby Pin And Hair Some Color

If you plan on using bobby pins in your hair, add some color to the pin to space up your hairstyle. Nail polish works like a charm.

Makeshift Contour Brush

Turn your powder brush into the perfect contouring brush by pushing the bristles together with a bobby pin. You can bet your bottom dollar that contour will be on flee.

Get Your Monies Worth Of Toothpaste

We all hate when we start running low on toothpaste and nothing will come out. No worries. Grab a bobby pin to help you slide the remaining bit of toothpaste out.

Tailor Your Clothing

Don't have the funds or time to run to your local tailor, grab a few bobby pins and put your tailoring skills to the test yourself.

Applying Eyelash Glue

If you wear false lashes than you know the messy struggle of applying lash glue. You can easily prevent a mess by using the tiny end of the bobby pin to apply a thin layer of glue to your lashes.

Incorporate Heat

Who doesn't love pin curls? They've been a staple hairstyle for years. If you want your curls to last, grab a couple bobby pins and pin your curls up until you're read to let them loose.

Now it's up to you to make sure you don't lose them.