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I did my best with the translation. Please let me know if you find any mistake :) . Comment if you enjoy the translation :D ------------------------------------------------------------ Part 1 + Translation: Part 2: Part 3: Ch 176 Raw + Translation: ------------------------------------------------------------ Page 1 (Cover) I’m really glad to have met you…The times when we spent together were the happiest moments of my life… Page 2 Hotaru: I want to see Mikan badly…Mikan is going to lose her memory and forget all of us before leaving the school… Page 3 When the time of judgement comes, everyone around you will lose their memories of you..or even worse lose all of their memories.. Page 4 I will help to re-connect the destiny line between Natsume and Mikan which was already broken Page 5 You have to keep smiling Mikan… Page 6 You do not need to smile at me…but hope that you will be able to live in a world of happiness Page 7 Will you be angry, Mikan? Do not bother about me, I will be happy so long as you are. Page 8 However, not forget me, I beg of you…Please do not ever forget me.. Page 9 Even if I disappear from your memories, I hope that I will still be able to be by your side once again in the future. Page 11 Luka, please help to convey my message to Mikan one day.. Page 12 Please… Page 13 Imai-san! Page 14 Hotaru..?! Page 15 Natsume… (flashback) this is the alice gem that I made at school…Even though it doesn't look good, please accept it as a gift from me! Page 16 Mikan: It has the same name as me, this orange gem…and it also contains all of my feelings as I was making it.. Hotaru: Natsume, I hope that you will be able to keep your memories when you give this gem to Mikan Page 17 And Mikan will be able to regain memories of those she loves.. Page 18 Imai-san…. Page 19 I hope that you will be able to bring him back to school safely, to be by Mikan’s side.. Please do not grieve for me, I will be fine… Page 20 I will always remember every single one of you and will miss all of you… Page 21 Imai-san… Page 22 Mmm.. Page 23 Hotaru? Page 24 I have not seen Hotaru since morning... No one has seen Hotaru! Page 25 This is not a dream..Luka Please help me convey my message…and don't let my wish disappear.. Page 26 I would like to see Hotaru again… End of Ch 175
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Whoa that was some translation! Thank you for giving so much of your time into this. I wish I could understand Japanese like you do :(