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so a friend complained that i havent blog about being a foodie lately so i obliged and went thru my iphone and found some lovely pics that i forgot i please enjoy, savor and imagine, much as i enjoyed eating them, muuahhhhh!!!!!
What?! Who complained? Do I know her? The nerve. ... ... ... LOL! These look so wonderful and delicious!!! I'm so hungry. I'm planning on posting up my sushi pictures of these days. Maybe even today! Yeah, I say that but I still need to upload this and that.
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yeah, some damn hoochie, you know her REAL well, hahahhaha!!!!! its aight b/c she's my sis and i love her ♥
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Hahahahaha! Yeah, you tell her, but it's good that you love her. I bet she thinks the same. ... ... ... The love part, not the hoochie part. Ahahahahahahaha!
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