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안녕하세요! So, I've been on Twitter and for the past few days, I've been seeing fans replying to idols' tweets, saying, "F*** me." or "Daddy." I think this is extremely disrespectful to our lovely, hard-working idols. Here are some nice things to say to our idols on Twitter and Instagram. ^^ (This ___ means someone's name goes there! ^^)
___ 사랑해. (I love you, ___.) 화이팅! (Fighting!) ___ 힘내. (“___, I support you." or "___, feel better.”) ___ 힘내고 사랑해. (___, feel better. I love you.) 항상 응원해. (I support you always.) ___, 생일축하해요. (Happy birthday, ___.) 건강하고 행복하세요. 좋은날을지내요. 사랑해요. (Always stay happy and healthy. Have a good day. I love you.) 이런 소문에 휩쓸려 맘아파하지말아요.사실이 아닌걸알아요.우리가 항상 뒤에있을께요. 힘내요, 알았지요? (Please don't let rumors get to you. We know they're fake. We're always here to support you guys. Keep your heads up, okay?) 본인을잘챙겨주세요. 힘들게노력하는것을알고있으니까 많이 걱정하기도하지만 뿌듯해요. 당신이 건강하고 행복할때 우리팬들도 가장행복해요. (Please take care of yourselves, we know you work very hard and this makes us both very proud and worried. Your fans are happiest when you are happy and healthy.) 기쁨가득한날을 보냈으면 좋겠어요. 많이사랑해요. 건강하고 많이쉬세요. (I hope you have a wonderful day full of joy. I love you very much. Stay healthy and rest lots!)
@kmeier230 I HAVE told several people off when calling an idol vulgar things. I told several people off when they got weird with Kookie turning 18 internationally. Like he's a fucking child (I'm 21 so I count anyone my brothers age as a child) that's creepy af and you need help. Its even worse with the idols who are still underaged. I get you get 'noona feels' because I've totally gotten them but keep that shit in your pants. You can find an underaged idol attractive TO A LIMIT. And I'm sorry if I talk to much on BTS but I follow them the most on any social networking.
@Emealia Yesss. Preach! ^^ Lol. It's ok. I absolutely love BTS and they're usually the ones who get the most vulgar comments. BTS and GOT7. I'm pretty sure idols don't find it appealing when fans say stuff like that. -.- It's actually embarrassing. Koreans are all about respect. You'd think K-Pop fans would be extra respectful.
like it's one thing calling them sexy or hot cuz they are and know they are but other than that it's like bleh away from our idol's!!!! Do not touch!!!!!
i keep those comments to myself lol not like these freakos like dude keep it in your pants will you please
Ignorant fans :( poor boys, I hope they can overlook that without feeling hurt over it. They deserve so much better ❤️
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