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Ladies' Week is Here!!!

Thank you everyone who is participating in this awesome event! Let's start this week off with an important discussion: How can the media better represent women? Obviously that's a very open-ended question, and there's probably not one right answer. We've already started the conversation in a few places (here and here), so let's keep it going! Some things we might want to ask ourselves:
What would you like to see that you think the media is missing? How can we do better by women of color in the media? Why do we think we're failing to represent women well? Is the way male characters are presented a part of this problem as well? What should change?
And of course, any other points of interest are welcome as well! This discussion isn't limited to comics, it includes all media. As usual, all ideas and opinions are welcome as long as we're kind to one another.
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I hate the feeling that a lot of media picks and chooses when diversity is okay, and it's mostly when they need diversity to work for them as a marketing tool. I wish that instead they'd make the realization that diversity is America's reality and that the characters in these stories should reflect as such.
this reminds me of when a Cinderella movie, like in the 90s or so, was made where Cinderella was African american, prince charming was asian, cinderella's step sisters were Caucasian and another was African American too, but a completely different body type(which is fantastic cause all the characters were different shapes and sizes), the stepmother was white with wild red curly hair, and the king and queen (parents to prince charming), were male Caucasian and female African American(Whoopi goldberg). fantastic movie and funny as hell, but thought I'd just drop it in the comments
I wish that women weren't as overly sexualized.
@danidee "diversity is America's reality" that is SO true. Not only is it our reality, but it's one of our greatest strengths as a nation. Sure, we're often divided by our different perspectives, but the fact that we're all different is one of the best things about us. @Luci546 I *adore* that version of Cinderella!!! With Brandy, right? She was so beautiful, and I loved the way they told the story. Thank you for reminding us! I think that movie is actually a great example of really positive representation because the message was that everyone matters. That who you are inside is what makes you beautiful (how caring and selfless you are) as opposed to what you look like on the outside. @BiblioLady I am right with you there! There's a huge difference between an empowering representation of sexual autonomy and an exploitative one.