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I figured this would be a fun question to ask everyone!!

If you HAD to get hit in the face with a food, which food would you choose?

Would you go classic Three Stooges style, and go for the whipped cream pie?
On one hand, there would be that satisfying splatter everywhere... but on the other hand, that's a lot of dairy to wash out of your hair. -____-
And what if it has a crust?? That could hurt!!

A few more ideas...

Cooked rice – because how bad could it be? It'd only be a little sticky!
Baby food – messy, but at least it's soft.
Brownies – I would just OPEN WIDE.
Oatmeal – good texture, and good for your skin! A little too messy, though...

What would YOU choose??

@danidee Because I know you're going to be ALL OVER this one.
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@Baekyeol27 Oooo yes good idea. As long as it had cooled down and wasn't too spicy!! XD
I'd like to be hit in the face with little ping-pong balls of cotton candy. Because it's like cotton but delicious.
I want a burger in my face so i can eat it
actually, a double cheeseburger with bacon*