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I don't know why these photographers are thinking women like to laugh at their salads. Whenever I see a salad, my gut reaction is always tears. So many tears.
nobody has this much fun eating a salad unless its smothered in steak and they stole it from the person they are eating it in front of and that person has no clue yet
*whispering* You love salad @danidee....you know you do. It whispers sweet comedy in your ears that cause you to erupt in charismatic and picturesque laughter. Embrace the salad @danidee...what harm has it ever done to anyone? LOLOLOLOLOLOL
@TerrecaRiley Hahahaha they're like YESSSS LETTUCE YESSS.
they're either laughing at the person who gave it to them cause they're thinking "this is a real good joke!Who eats this!"; or they haven't had anything to eat in a while and are happy to have... ehem... something to eat... (giggle)
@RobertMarsh Omg, now that you've created a story for it, it all makes sense. @CandaceJordan NOOOOOOOO. You work for the Devil! And by the Devil, I mean SALAD!!!
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