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my last foodie blog for the night, eating at chubby tacos a fav joint that my friend loves to eat at "daily"!!! well since im not huge on mexican food, i tag along just to humor him....he picked out 3 tacos for me to try, the one on the left is beef, the middle was chicken and the on the right was fish, all very tasty indeed but i enjoyed the beef, will i be going back to chubby tacos any time soon, sure why not, i really enjoyed it and i must say its pretty authentic...
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good thing that my kids are not choosy yeah charleen, this looks good... hahahah... looking at this picture makes me
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Oh, you are super lucky, sis! Having kids that are not picky eaters must be a blessing. :D
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they sure are.. and it helps with the budget...hahahahah
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I bet it does. XD Heeheehee. You've passed your foodie love to your kids.
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looks good
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