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I made a new kpop friend recently and I was trying to get her into K hip-hop by introducing her to aomg, illionaire, basick, etc. She wasn't into any of them, which I respected but then she went on to insult Gray (the bae). I deleted her number. Probably a rash decision but I was just so dissapointed in her that in the heat of the moment I felt like I never wanted to talk to her again. I hate people who feel the need to insult artists just because they don't like the music that artist produces. it's infuriating! I'll probably have to ask for her number again on Tuesday since this really isn't a valid reason for letting a friendship end.
@PassTheSuga I'd say it's valid. Lol
@JustinaNguyen I FEEL YOU GIRL. (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) I basically erased a girl from my life because she said Gray the Bae was ugly. Nobody insults him in my presence and gets away with it. I'm ridiculous tho....I go above and beyond for AOMG.
@PassTheSuga I was MAD. Like she said she didn't like his music AND called him ugly! The only reasons why I'm willing to forgive her is because she's sort of nice and she hooks me up with answers when I forget to do the homework
@JustinaNguyen IS YOUR HOMEGIRL DEAF AND BLIND???? uuurrgghhh I can't help but keep my pimp hand strong when someone says something against Gray and all his perfection(´ヮ`) BUT at least you're getting something out of the friendship.
Ikr someone was like Eww you like Bang YongGuk? Why? He has small eyes his voice is too deep and he's so ugly. I was like ......... Bitch say that one more time about BAE