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If you've ever had sat down to tea with your grandmother, chances are you know what a stale tea biscuit tastes like. It's a little chewy, the flavor's a bit off, and well, it's certainly not something you'd go out of your way to pay money for.
However, this week, it's become apparent that not all stale biscuits are created equal. The above biscuit, for example, is over a century old and estimated to sell for £8,000 to £10,000 at a UK auction house. (That's up to $15,000 USD!)
So what's this cracker got that Grandma's cracker doesn't?
Well, it's one of the few remaining artifacts from the 1912 sinking of the Titanic - an item found in the safety kit of one of the ship's lifeboats. Someone was able to keep this baby preserved for over a century without a single crack, chip, or attic mouse attack. (Damn mice.)
Meet James Fenwick (pictured on the right, with wife), the 'finder' of said cracker and a passenger on board the SS Carpathia, one of the ships that came to aid Titanic survivors. When he found the cracker, he placed it in in a small envelope and labeled it: 'Pilot biscuit from Titanic lifeboat April 1912.'
Apparently, James remains insanely calm under pressure because if it was me rescuing people from a sinking ship, I'd have stress-eaten that in like 30 seconds flat.
According to Andrew Aldridge, an auctioneer at the Henry Aldridge & Son auction house, where it currently waits to be sold:

"It is the world's most valuable biscuit. We don't know which lifeboat the biscuit came from, but there are no other Titanic lifeboat biscuits in existence, to my knowledge. It is incredible that this biscuit has survived such a dramatic event."

I don't know about you guys, but I've never felt like an inanimate object has experienced more life than me until this moment.

With that being said, do you think $15,000 (£10,000) is too high or too low for a cracker with this kind of history? And further, if YOU owned this cracker, what would you do?

Extra points to whichever one of you would dare to eat this. You're sick, but I love it.
I just want to know how I can preserve something to make me this much money WITHOUT having to go through the Titanic
And I'd eat it with very old cheese.
just one? ... so you're telling you only got one cracker? damn , the demand is critic lol
I’m just going to start saving crackers now!
I'd totally buy it... If I had a spare $15,000 laying around. Who else could say they have a Titanic cracker? @danidee I totally lol'd at the thought of you stress eating the cracker. <3
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