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Hi! Okay, do any of you guys use Wattpad? There's an author on there who's username is "Faybird". I just wanted to rant a bit about how kick ass this person is in terms of writing, and as a person altogether I guess.

1. Fan fiction. With P L O T.

Who doesn't like fanfics?? Honestly. I can't think of anyone who doesn't. No beating around the bush here (except a few songfics here and there) the plot of everything they write is drawn out and planned, everything happens for a reason, there is detail and subliminal clues and foreshadowing EVERYWHERE. It's amazing.

2. Characters, and Character Development.

Everyone that dies (and doesn't for that matter) does so for a reason. It's never forced or sprung out on us, death isn't intended to shock readers, and they know that. Death is used to further the plot! There are also shit tons of happy moments that make you appreciate life more (honest to god, their "Be Still" gave me as many feels as the anime "Death Parade" and "Anohana"! They all feel like real people, people we can relate to and cheer for! They have a way of making us feel genuine concern for characters we already know- and that's because they go just far enough out of canon to make them believable in modern times (where most of their fics take place) the reactions, the mess ups, the emotions and even quirks feel so real to that character.

3. Communication!

With 247 followers, you think they wouldn't want to reply to messages, or really take anyone's advice- but they do! Holy damn, every author I've sent a "good job" to on AO3 has ignored me, even with a smaller follower count than Faybird's, but they always reply right away to messages, and even create drabbles/requests dedicated to those who message them! I didn't join Vingle to do shout outs- but I just really felt this author was worth checking out! Let me know if you're on Wattpad too! I'd love to read your work.
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Oooooh this is good to know!! I'm not on wattpad (I prefer Ao3's interface- though yeah a lot of writers there communicate using other platforms which is confusing) but this is definitely going to go on my list.