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Excuses. We all have them. If it's not "I'm too tired to work out today," it's "I don't have enough time!" or some similar BS. Honestly, barring hell and high water (literally, those two things) there is NEVER a legitimate excuse to skip a workout. (Okay, maybe giving birth. That's an okay excuse.)
Turns out there's a good reason our brains come up with all these excuses. Surprise, surprise – we're wired to do so! You see, back when we were cavemen, food was hard to come by. Burning calories on purpose would spell certain death for our Neanderthal selves. So we've evolved to be efficient, spending energy only when absolutely necessary (see: procreation. Nobody minds burning calories when there are babies to be made).
Today, that attitude is passé. We're surrounded by more high-calorie foods than we'll ever need, and the same laziness that saved our butts in caveman times is now the reason for more and more early deaths. So keep yourself in shape. Don't miss a workout. Period.
And if you need a little help outsmarting your excuses, read on!
Do you want to tone up, get fit, get in shape, change your body, build muscle, be stronger, healthier and happier? Or do you want to sleep another 20 minutes?
Your actions reflect your priorities. If working out is a priority for you, then craft your lifestyle to reflect that mindset.
Oh, you have all four limbs? You can walk? And breathe? Guess what: you've got no excuse. People in far worse health or with far greater hurdles to overcome have found a way to make their health a priority. So should you.
"I don't have time!" YEAH RIGHT. What about those two hours you spent Netflix-binging GoT last night? What if (insert your celebrity crush here) came up to you and asked you out on a date? Are you gonna say, "Sorry, I don't have time,"?!?!?! NO! People can always find time for the things that are important to them.
Oh, and a half-hour workout? Only 2% of your day. Git 'er done!
"Working out is boring, you say?" Is THIS ^^^ BORING?!?! Or...(*scroll*)... THIS?!?! Yeah no didn't think so. Go to the gym and meet a sexy workout buddy. Get your flirt on while you get your sweat on! And if creepin' on the dudes in the weight room isn't your thing, you can always watch your favorite shows while you pedal away on the stationary bike. Listen to music. Or a podcast. Or read my card on ways to make working out more fun!

What's your brain's favorite fitness excuse? And how do you overcome it?

Help out us other aspiring fitness junkies :)
@mchlyang Hahah good try, good try. I mean, you don't have to work out/give your all EVERY single day. It's good to have one day off. But youtube videos are a great motivation – I'm always surprised by what I can find on there! You should make a card about your faves ;D
@Swhitta Hey, it's a reasonable excuse :) when I was doing research for this card, I actually stumbled across a similar excuse – "I need to care for my kids." But they argued (and I would too ;) ) that by making your health a priority you will teach your kids to do the same!! You guys should go for a family walk in the park or ride bikes together :) My dad did that with us growing up and I loved it!!
Most of my excuses are: you need to rest up so that your muscles can recover. But we all know that's not true because I haven't given it all in my workouts haha. And in order to overcome that, I like to watch motivational videos on YouTube to get pumped up.
Ahhhhh, the guilt!!!! But all these are never the less true. My excuse recently has been caring for my family. I know, I can not care for someone else unless I first take care of me. But I did not promise a good excuse.