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The Big Lebowski might not be my all-time, 100% percent forever favorite movie of all time but I can say that I've learned so much about life through watching this movie so many times I have literally lost count.
There's something to be said about the Coen brothers and their stoner protagonist who, at times, seems like he has everything figured out. And I'd like to believe that he -- and ostensibly the Coen brothers -- does/do have everything figured out.
Here are 5 of life lessons I gleamed from this cult-classic.

1. The world does not revolve around you

It's very easy to get trapped in the idea that everything you do and everything that happens is at the center of your universe. You don't get to see how other people think or live or believe since you are never in their head. But if you forget that there are people outside of your head then everyone will think you're an asshole and not want to hang out with you. I have to remind myself of that everyday.

2. Don't take life too seriously

Sometimes, well, most times I'm surrounded by people who like to make a bigger deal out of things that are easier to forget about. Or, maybe not forget about them, maybe just brush them off their shoulder. Spending your life stressed out about shit that you don't have control over is a great way to find yourself in an early grave. So, take a deep breath, pour yourself a drink, and eat a burrito. It'll be cool, man.

3. Sometimes there are rules. And sometimes you have to give a shit about them.

Alright, sometimes it's just not cool to follow the rules, man. But as you get older and wiser and somehow more responsible, you have got to follow the rules. I mean, you can't go to work everyday in your shortest shorts and a tank top asking your co-workers if they want to share bananas. Trust me. You have to put on pants. Just listen to me this one time. Put your pants back on.

4. Choosing peace over aggression is probably the best way to go.

As someone who used to love trading fists as a way to settle arguments, you have got to stop being a dick and physically fighting people. Or just being aggressive. It's a waste of your time and you'll get really hurt eventually. And unless you're a prizefighter or something, you shouldn't want to hit another person. And if you go around town fighting the urge to hit someone, you should read a mindfulness book, practice yoga, and maybe take a deep breath every once in a while.

5. Never waste a good drink

This might be the most important life lesson I've ever lessoned out of life... or something. When you're drinking a good drink (alcoholic or otherwise) you never want to leave that guy hanging. And by "leave that guy hanging" I mean "not finish the drink" and "spill it all over the goddamn place". And you really don't want to do that second one, Tommy, because I'm still cleaning up all that fuckin' wine you spilled on my carpet. Do you know how much time that takes? And honestly, I don't think this stain is going to come out, you prick. No, I'm not going to use bleach, I don't want some fuckin' white stain on my beige carpet. Have you ever thought with your fuckin' head, Tommy? Jesus Christ, just be careful.
And there you have it. Remember these 5 things and you'll probably make through life an average, ghost-like person. Trying to convince others that maybe you're actually cool and maybe they'll want to marry you and spend time with you but you really know they won't.
Yeah, of course they won't. Why would they? I mean, you spend most of your time writing on the internet and the rest of your time crying in an office building because your life has gone to shit and you're not the filmmaker you wanted to be.
But whatever, forever! You got a life and now you got five lessons.
@VinMcCarthy and @danidee, it took me a while to get what you guys were trying to do here and I am embarrassed. Paul is an embarrassed ghost.
@VinMcCarthy I think you go skiing. Right?
@danidee @VinMcCarthy i need some human friends to teach me how to go about things the right way
@paulisaghost It's true. @VinMcCarthy and I are very understanding of your ghost lifestyle and your inability to catch up with the times.
@paulisaghost it's okay. we can't expect you to understand regular human speech
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