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And if so, why would she?

If you're not up on the Civil War [SPOILERS], you should avoid this meta.
But if you're totally fine with being spoiled, read on! So: In Peggy's S.H.I.E.L.D. file, it says that her date of birth is in 1919. BUT in the recently leaked obituary from the Civil War set, it says that she was born in 1921. Weird continuity error? Maybe...

But then again, maybe not!

While 1921 would have made Peggy 18 or 19 when the British declared War against Nazi Germany, there might have been a good reason for her to lie. In 1939, in order to serve overseas one had to be over the age of 20 (via). So, if Peggy had signed up in 1939 or 1940, she would have had to lie about her age to be able to serve on the Continent (which we saw her do in The First Avenger).

Like a boss.

What do you think Marvelers? @ButterflyBlu @EmilyArgentine @SerenaMcG @jellybee @Marichel @DonovanMoore @CarmenMRey @purplem00n23 It could just be a continuity error... but what if it wasn't?
I definitely think she would lie about her age in order to try to do what she believes in! Don't you?
@ButterflyBlu it definitely makes sense! It's in-character for sure. I guess the question is... did Marvel add this detail intentionally or did the props department make a mistake? XD
i would have done the same thing lol!! well if i had her passion :o..... but i think that it might be true or not ! or it could just be that marvel wants us to think that she was older so that she could be a good match to Captain American !! hmmm this is a mystery@shannonl5 well this is my theory.. idk if i made it clear or not lol
@Marichel that's also a good theory! Steve was pretty young when he enlisted as well, but he would have been slightly older than her if she was only 19... that's interesting! I wouldn't have thought of that as being a reason