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The fun is about to begin!

I announced this event a few days and it's officially time to get this party started! There are already some awesome cards about the ladies we admire here at Vingle! Check them out here:
@mchlyang shared this inspiring story about Dara Torres
@danidee shared some amazing Funny Girl Facts

The purpose of this event is to express our love and admiration for women and female character, and I'm so glad to see that it's catching on!

And it doesn't stop there!

I'll be making cards all week in the Marvel community (as well as sports, video games, and anime... because I like a lot of things) to spread the awesomeness! If you have a card you'd like to make for this event, GO FOR IT!!! Tag me @shannonl5 so that I don't miss it and ~include these in your title~ so people know what your card is about! I'll add it to the collection!

So here's to all the Ladies' Week Peeps!

We're going to have a fantastic time ^_^

And of course, please comment below if you'd like to be tagged in cards for this event! There will be cards coming all week!

@DasiaB heck yeah!!! @LAVONYORK I am *so* excited!!!!!!!!!
@danidee trufax
Any day I get to celebrate Amy Poehler is a good day! :D
I finished one for video games @shannonl5!
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