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This time on "Have You Seen" is a medical crime film that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This definitely should be on your watch list! Introducing:

Whistle Blower (제보자)


Yoo Yeon-suk

Park Hae-il

The film is based on real-life scientist Hwang Woo-suk, who was investigated for fraud based on his work in stem-cell research and cloning.
He allegedly cloned an entire cow and he got an incredible amount of fame and world recognition for his research. He was the pride and joy of Korea at the time.
We first meet the TV news producer Yoon Min-cheol who is desperate for a story for his investigative journalism program. Somehow he gets a tip that a medical clinic is buying female eggs off the black market. He immediately starts investigating.
He is understandably shocked when his investigation leads him to scientist Lee Janghwan, who is considered a national hero (based off of Hwang Woo-suk)
It's not easy to mess with a national hero, and without enough evidence, Yoon hesitates about whether to follow through with the investigation.
That is, until he gets an anonymous call from Shim Min-ho, a young scientist who works for Lee's lab. Shim claims that Lee's stem cell research has actually been not only a lie but also unethical.
Yoon gets more and more information out of Shim (who has a child suffering from an illness that Lee's research should be able to help) and they work to figure out a way to prove the doctor's guilt.
The film is perfect for people who like crime, action, political, and medical dramas! It's got it all! Plus Yoo Yeon-Suk BLEW ME AWAY with his acting - especially after seeing him play younger less serious roles like Reply 1994.

8/10 for me!

Tagging the Spooky Weekend Club members! It's not exactly spooky but its a pretty good thriller!
yay! for some reason I love shows where corrupt doctors get exposed and prosecuted. I actually saw this on a website but didn't want to watch it.this has changed my mind.thanks a lot.
I shall watch!!!
Sounds interesting! I'll have to give it a try.
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