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Hello Anime Vinglers! Welcome to Day 11 of Otaku October! <3

Today, let's talk about anime conventions! ^_^

I have wanted to go to an anime convention since high school but it never worked out because of different circumstances. Either the con was too far or I couldn't find a group to go with. I also don't live in a place where many cons happen. Hopefully, I can go to one in the near future and finally get to experience all the awesomeness involved, like cosplays, merch, fanartists and meeting other awesome anime fans.

Tell me about your anime convention experiences! Have you been to one already or do you plan on going to one?

My college has a nerd convention once a year and I have gone with my older friends before, but this year I'm so ready to anime til I drop!
I have been to SugoiCon in Kentucky once. The Cons they hold are easy to get too and reasonably priced. However, I've honestly only ever had one friend that enjoyed Cosplay or Anime enough to actually attend an event like that. She moved away and that pretty much took away any future chances for me. :[ Going by myself seemed pretty lame, so I never went back. It's not that I care what people think; I just get nervous in crowded places. So with no supporting party there with me I think I would have a bad time from nerves alone. I would go in an instant if I could find some buddies to team up with. Somehow that's easier said than done. lol My experience from going though, was incredible. I was Vampire Hunter D, and was loving the chance to stroll around as someone else for a day. I bought entirely too much merch and probably partied way too much after in the hotel room. I'd do it again! ^_^
@AMPOPE yep its that one. He is so fun to talk to. He will be at Anime Iowa again in 2016 and he does a couple panels.
anybody know of any good ones in south Carolina? :)
Acen in Chicago was crazy amazing! Everyone's cosplay was on point and the raves at the end of the day were the best!
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