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I don't think you'll stick out there at all. There are a lot of different nationalities living in Japan especially in the metro area. There are a lot of Americans there too. Me I like living in a place that I have no other choice but to learn and absorb it.
Wow that's pretty amazing, sounds like you love to travel @Rukia530, where else have you been?
Well I live in Japan for 7 years, but I've been in Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada. My favorite and always be my home is Japan. @XavierLopez
oh my, that is a lot of places. Witch means, all of the people you must have met, and all those adventures. Is there any place that you would like to go but haven't had a chance to yet @Rukia530 ?
Most of my friends are Japanese. Yes I've met a lot of people but that's all. I would like to go to New Zealand if I ever get the opportunity. @XavierLopez