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There was something instantly relatable with Jim and Pam's relationship on The Office. Especially before they had gotten together. Something about that felt more real than their eventual love/relationship. There's something undeniable perfect about their relationship and that made me think about my own relationships.
I've been in probably, maybe way too many and at the moment it seems like a better idea to stay single and die alone instead of waste all of my time trying to find someone that'll fulfill some kind of need I have to sleep next to human heat (I'm working on something to make me forget that this is something I "need").
In the past there's been a lot of projecting throughout the relationship. There'd be times we (an ex-partner and I -- it doesn't matter which, we all did this) would watch a television show and say "that one is me and that one is you". We'd obviously pick the most romantic couple on the television screen at the time and for a couple years that was Jim and Pam.
And like I mentioned earlier, there is something really perfect about them. Jim does a lot for Pam and vice versa. They have fun together, they love each other, and you can see that's real. That being said, I can't remember the amount of times I've had the conversation that started with "Why can't you be more like Jim?"
The answer was "I don't know". And eventually it lead to an argument. And by that point our arguments had been piling up like the dead cigarettes in the ashtray we smoked while having them. [If you aren't following, we would break up because I am not Jim Halpert].
It's true. I'm not Jim. And you know, I'm not even really mad at anyone for my failed relationships other than myself. I think it's interesting or intriguing or whatever that I, and countless others, have compared their relationships to the ones they've seen on television.
Our standards have been, sort of, defined by the fiction we create. And in a way I feel like that hinders us. Me, especially. I've grown up on television and movies and everything I know came from something someone else I've never met wrote. And I worry about that.
I worry because I'm unsure if anything I've ever thought was an actual, literal original idea. There is so much bleed-through when it comes to the media we consume and the thoughts that we have daily. In my experience, the most ideal relationship is Jim and Pam's. And if it isn't theirs then it's another television couple.
I'm not upset or annoyed at the fact that we hold each other up to certain standards set by people who have written these fictitious stories. I'm annoyed that this might make us lose sight of what our actual standards are.
Wasn't Casper a ghost and in love??? lol
@nicolejb Yeah, you're right. It isn't productive at all. Honestly, I'm worried now that I'll never be enough for someone after constantly being compared to someone else. At least I'm a ghost now, right? There's always haunting old houses and schools for fun... But if only I had a ghost-friend to do that with... that's the real meaning of ghost-life
they were the ones I was always rooting for lol
shhhhhh @alywoah don’t tell him that!!
Holding yourself to TV standards is a lot in and of itself. No you are not Jim, because you love differently. And yeah it's cute and fun to compare, but how productive is it when you bring fake couples into your real relationship? It's just not
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