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We've gotten a lot of new faces in here and I think its time to talk about how to publish cards into communities. Communities are precious special places to fanboy/girl all over the place so we need to keep them safe!

Thanks everyone!


Think of each community as a forum, or a safe place just for fans of that specific person, group, hobby, etc.
People in the SHINee community only want to see things about SHINee. If they want to see BTS content they know to check the BTS community, but they should be able to be in complete SHINee heaven, free of all things not-SHINee whenever they are in the SHINee community :D

What happens with incorrect publishing:

The SHINee heaven is ruined. Suddenly there is a wild GOT7 meme in the center of what should be a peaceful SHINee OT5 zone. Sure, there are plenty of SHINee fans that love GOT7 but not every single one of them. Those fans don't want to see Jackson and Mark being dumb - they want to see Onew and Minho being dumb!
Be sure your card about BTS isn't going in the Infinite community. It is welcome in Kpop and BTS though! (These are just an examples^^)
Please respect that not all Kpop fans are fans of every single thing related to Kpop and try your best to keep your posts in the correct community.

Other "Korean" Communities:

If it is NOT about Learn Korean or K-Dramas, please don't add the card to either community. Please only post cards teaching Korean in Learn Korean, and cards about K-Drama stars and dramas in the K-Drama community.
If it is about VIXX's Hakyeon being in a drama (which he is) (which you should watch) feel free to post in VIXX, K-Drama, and Kpop!
If it's a card about Hakyeon being awesome in a VIXX music video, it just goes in VIXX and Kpop (not K-Drama)
Please keep in mind that not all K-Drama fans are Kpop fans, and not everyone studying Korean is a Kpop fan either :D
Does that make sense?

Let's keep our communities safe and relevant!

If you have any questions, please message any of us! Thank you!

Vingle Kpop Saranghae~

Let's keep Minho in his happy, organized place :D
Thank you for writing this Kimchi!!! It's very important that people read this :)
My name is Akira and I approve of this message ~(^.^)~
This Message is SHINee Approved ^^
Can we stop and talk about how today (in Korea) is jimin's birthday!!!! #proudmom #theygrowupsofast:D
I love how you made a topic that needed to be said into something so entertaining to read. xD
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