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My pillow asks me everytime who's that one in your mind that makes you cry on every night with tears on my face and in your eyes Why don't you leave those bad memories Dream about that good scenery where you are the one who rule the world with the loyal people and the trustworthy. I tell that pillow with a smile i want to live in a reality for a while 'coz in my dreams she will be mine but the truth is too much away in miles I just want this secret between us i know you are drenched so sorry for that i hope one night you will be free when i will forget that person in me.
Pillows are so trustworthy. you can tell pillows all your secrets and never have to worry about them telling someone else
Love can hurt. Hope your pillow is washed of the bad memory, dry from the tears, and being gently thrown at the next person to help warm the sheets. Cool poem.
I like pillows. I like your pillow
Great poem @DeepakAswal :) that poem knows a lot of secrets and sorrows... but I bet it supports your head throughout a lot of good dreams, too :)
Really good.
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