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I posted this a while ago but I'm so excited to see all these new names in the community so I wanted to start this challenge again!

Here's the deal:

You're running the remake of Boys Over Flowers and you get to choose who plays in your F4.
There are no boundaries! Singers, actors, models, from any country - Just build the most awesome F4 you can!
Check out my list HERE and create your own!

Be sure to tag me in your card!

Lol I love this idea!!! This drama was one of my favorites
I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought of this before, but what with all the new bias wreckers out there it's gonna take some more thought! Hmmm who to pick?..
@CheyenneJessee You should. This is one of the classics :)
I haven't even started this yet. I'm watching Heirs, but this is next
love this drama,for I would pick V,jungkook,jin,jimin😍😍😍❤
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