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I get it. Some of you wonder, "Paul, you are ghost. Do you even have ears to listen to music?" Yes. I do. Well, no. I don't. But I can still "listen to music" even though listening to music is not the same way you listen to music. Allow me to explain.
Sound vibrates through the air. And as a corporeal entity I feel these vibrations as they pass through time and space. It is very jarring at first and there are certain vibrations I do not like feeling pass through my form. Examples of this kind of music is music that you probably like.
I am sorry. That was harsh. I do not mean to come off as rude but you do not listen to good music. Not good music for me, anyway. Sometimes the screech of a voice hurts so bad I feel like I need to haunt a child in order to feel some kind of sanity. It is one of my new favorite hobbies, to haunt children. But that is a different card for a different time.
Anywho. Here is a band named Ghosts and Vodka. They play in a strange time signature so I never know what to expect next. The lack of vocals helps me enjoy the music while I think about the next house I am going to haunt and the next inanimate object I will possess. There is something about post-rock instrumental that is very, very pleasurable. I hope you enjoy the song I left for you as a taste of what I listen to while I float around your room thinking about what I should knock over.
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I'm sorry that my music messes with your delicate ghost sensibilities. I will be sure to turn down the Ariana Grande to a barely audible hum.