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Click the link to view the article. Although Narcissistic personality disorder was not mentioned in this article, it is very important to note that a pathological, malignant narcissist is also a master manipulator. they would fall under the catagory of anti-social personality disorder. Though it is two different disorders, that is only because a narcissist is a sociopath with some additional personality traits that are absent in the one who is just a sociopath. But both are equally manipulative, and void of conscience and empathy. Perhaps the reason that NPD wasnt mentioned is because some narcissists are not sociopaths but many of them are. NPD is a spectrum disorder with different levels of saverity. But make no mistake, a malignant narcissist also has an antisocial personality. It is not anti-social in the way that you may be thinking. A narcissist can enjoy the company of others but it is only to the extent that it serves his ego. In other words. He likes to be around people who can make him feel special by enjoying his company, making him feel that he is someone fun and exciting, etc. to be around. A pathological, malignant narcissist does not attach emotionally to anyone and doesnt become emotionally intimate with anyone. However, he can appear to have a level of intimacy, but there is no real contact between his true inner emotional self and that of the ones with whom he interacts. He can fake emotions for the purpose of manipulating others and he is very good at it.
Interesting article!! It's kind of scary to think that people around you might be not only very good at manipulating, but also really good at hiding it... I've known classic narcissists and on a deeper level, they are not pleasant people. I hope you haven't encountered anyone like this in real life!
i loved a man very deeply for two years who is a pathological narcirist and still havent gotten over that.
but its only been about 4 months sense we were together.