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Where you lead... (cue sobbing)

By some egregious fluke of nature, I grew up in small-town Connecticut and never watched Gilmore Girls. It's a travesty that I didn't experience this beautiful, beautiful show in real time (I mean, I *am* Rory Gilmore...minus the seemingly constant stream of super cute boyfriends and endless supply of 80s pop references). However, I recently delved in on the fifteenth anniversary of its premiere and am now completely obsessed.
A big part of the show's appeal, for me, is nostalgia; reflecting on my experience growing up in a relatively similar location. And while Stars Hollow is certainly a fantasy small town (i.e. The Festival of Living Art...really?), it does get a lot right regarding New England living.

This is legitimately what fall looks like.

Private school kids can be...a lot.

I mean, Connecticut is practically synonymous with prep school - Chilton was not an exaggeration.

The college pressure is real.

See above, re: prep school.

Local eateries are the best.

We didn't have Al's Pancake World and their famous Chinese food, but we did have an amazing bakery with the best chocolate sweets and also a surprisingly delectable hole-in-the-wall Italian place with awesome chicken cutlets.

Neighbors become family.

I have a "second mom," who lived around the corner from me for 15 years.

The first snow is magical...

...and then the rest seem to last for approximately eight months of winter and you want to cry. But, still!

Who else would totally move to Stars Hollow if it existed?

hello please I need friend can I be thank you
gilmore girls is the best show ever n.n i like how they speak decently fast and use funny puns
I would too, and I'd want Loreali Gilmore to adopt me.
Wow this is an awesome card! I've never watched Gilmore girls either! I just may start now. Thanks for thi!