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This manga is too adorable for words. Sudou (blonde) is from a rich family the highlight of his day is bullying or teasing Kishi (midnight blue) until he realizes he's feeling some type of way about Kishi.
That moment Sudou realized why he loved teasing only Kishi and that Kishi was fucking adorable!!! I loved Sudou's facial expression I was like now you know you want to just eat Kishi up lol!
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I don't like yaoi @mandisellers13
2 years ago·Reply
@russelroche47 sorry I thought it told what collection it was in
2 years ago·Reply
Don't worry about it @mandisellers13
2 years ago·Reply
I was reading this its so yum yaoi goodness
2 years ago·Reply
@CheniseLewis I know they are so cute and I love how Sudou is do dominant and got mad at his friend who said something about Kishi being cute also and he would do something....Sudou's face went to an I'll kill you lol he's mine type look
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