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Hey fellas, if you want to be as charming and romantic as Prince Royce, there's a few things you need to do. I promise, your partner's knees will buckle from a swoon while they are eating Latin food and listening to bachata -- one of the sweetest and romantic genres in Latin America! I've got the perfect recipe for an AMAZING night! :-)

Music To Set The Mood

In this song, "Incondicional" which is translated to "Unconditional" in English, is such a touching song by Prince Royce. He sings about his unconditional love for a girl. He sings about how he will always love her, in spite of all the pain and suffering. Their love is true and it will always survive. It's an amazing song about fighting for love -- sticking to it, in spite of all of the chaos that may come from it.

Food To Feed The Soul

Now that you've gotten the music situated, it's time to make something authentically awesome. How about pastelón. It's a sweet and savory dish and it's easy to make. You're layering food, sort of like a lasagna. Don't forget to add a glass of sweet sangria. ;) And now worries, I've got the recipe right here: Pastelón Recipe.

Moves To Make Anyone Swoon

Wooooo if you can do this, you've earned yourself a ridiculous amount of romantic points! Alright, so maybe this can be a little difficult to do. But there's good news -- all you need are the basic steps, confidence, and just remember to keep you partner close. Here's the beginner's guide to bachata dancing.

Oooh, romance!

Just incase you didn't know, we do have a Latin Music community and a Latino Food community. And they are both superrrrr awesome. ;) ;)
Yessss omg Prince can take me on this date ANY day!! Actually, pretty much anyone can though because I LOVE pastelon and bachata hahaha.
(And yes please. Cutie with a bootie. And a brain. That's all I'm asking for!!)
Hahahaha I'm right there with you @alywoah <3 I don't get @SarahWayne's comment either, maybe she will come back and explain :) but in the meantime, great card!!
Prince is the guy I want to marry. Please lawd jezuz give me dominican cutie with a bootie. @allischaaff
Right!? I don't think that's too much to ask for haha @allishaaff
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