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First of all I'd like to thank @shannon15 for organizing this event!!!
What this all means is that this week we are going to put the focus on the women, so how you can all take part is by posting cards relating to your favorite female K-Idols, share your favorite songs by your favorite girl groups, and basically help show some love to the awesome ladies of K-Pop who are too often overlooked by many...
We are going to have a ladies of K-Pop themed Soundtrack to Life Challenge, a female Artist of the Month, and hopefully some discussions as well!
I would like to challenge all those in the K-Pop community who post cards, to try posting at least one card this week that is about one of the many amazing ladies in K-Pop!!!!! because there are so many, and they are all incredible in their own way ^^
Come on everyone let's celebrate the ladies of K-Pop!!!!!
If you want more information about this event you can check out @shannon15's card about it right >>here<<

Thanks all, lets have a fantastic week ^^