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All the cards this week are making me and my mermaid feeling crinkle up and die. The Ocean Destruction is awful and if you wanna know more about that check out the amazing collection @nicolejb created!!
But all hope is not lost. There are ways to not only stop the destruction but reverse some of its deadly effects.

Chill With Your Carbon Footprint.

One of the main reason the oceans are being destroyed is because of global warming so to help reduce the carbon foot print. Walk more, car pool, take shorter showers, and don't blast your heat in the winter! It really will make difference.

Make Healthy and Sustainable Seafood Meals.

Many fish species are rapidly depleting do to high demand and vanishing habitats. When eating seafood make sure to choose the options that are not being overexploited.

Help Clean The Beach!

When you're having a wonderful day at the beach and you stumble across litter, empty cans and plastic don't just leave it in the sand! Because every piece of trash that floats into the ocean ends up wrecking havoc on the animals that live there.

Ocean Travel Responsibility

Boating, kayaking, and sailing is the perfect way to spend the summer (and even winter for those brave enough). So make sure you travel the oceans respectfully. No throwing trash or chemicals over board.
And if you want to take a cruise look for the one that is the most eco friendly!

Educate For Change.

The damage we are doing to our oceans is slowly becoming irreversible. The only way to make a change is if we are all working together! So educate your community, your friends and your family because our marine friends need our help, or else natural disasters will occur daily.
My family can't afford seafood so I'm technically already doing the second one. I don't live anywhere near a beach so I can't help clean any.
I can pick up trash in the seashore. I don't really engage in water activities as I don't know how to swim butI have a lot of friends who do so I can educate them. They say I'm an influencer so I think these things I can do.
my carbon footprint is already under control (carless here). I'll try to avoid littering at the beach from now on, and I'll pick up what little plastic I can get my hands on. I'll educate those around me about the threat to marine life (especially those of the crustacean family... most notably crabs😒).
@LizArnone I really love what you are doing. It's really important to save our oceans. @nicolejb thanks for tagging me. I'm pretty much doing all 5. I walk to and from work everyday. I'm allergic to seafood, so I don't cook it or eat it. Lol. My daughters and I clean up the beach when we go. I've never traveled in a cruise. And I don't buy anything that can't be recycled.
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