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Anybody out there like MCR ?
Oh my dear Lord , a whole bunch of my friends and I love em but do any of you guys ?
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You guys are amazing. I love love love MCR stiill. One of my favorite bands of all time!!!!! @Ameriwolf I do too.
Heck yeah! Killjoy forever!!! I miss them so much, I cried more when they broke up than I did at my grandmother's funeral.
I heard the announcement on the news, the freaking news when they broke up and screamed XD. my mom got so scared before seeing headline and just hugging me like "I'm so sorry" . I respect their decision as a band to break up but I will still blast their music despite some of them being separate artist now. and if they ever have a reunion concert I'm going, no matter what. because one of their last concerts was on my 15th birthday and I was stupid and didn't go and regret it. ..... what was I talking about. .....oh yeah.love the band. they make me want to start my own band