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My love for anime is vast and expands far over so many shows that sometimes it's hard to answer that one question. What are your top five favorite animes? This question boggles my mind because when it comes down to it, I love so many! If I must answer though it would have to be #1: One Piece. #2: Gurranlogan. #3: Steins;Gate. #4: Future Diary. #5: Case Closed. It took me forever to bang this list out and now I extended the question to you, What are your top 5 favorite animes????
this is too hard for me!!! hahahah
Hardest thing to do but if I had to I'd say 1. One piece 2. steins gate 3. claymore 4. guilty crown 5. trigun
This IS hard. I'll have to think about it and come back...
1. Mirai nikki 2. steins gate 3. death note 4. Dragon Ball z 5. toradora. Trying to come up with a top 5 is really hard. I love so many anime and each one for entirely different reasons.
All Fate stay night series....Hellsing..Fairy Tail
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