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Hell yeah California, your law makers are killing the game right now!
Just recently California has become the first state to require sexual consent lessons in high school. This means that teens will receive lessons on "yes means yes" and other types of affirmative consent.
And that seriously rocks, especially because knowledge is power and girls and boys everywhere need to realize that saying;
"come on baby I know you'll like it"
"Do it for me"
"What youre just a little tease?"
does not, and never will equal consent.
Critics everywhere (because of course there are critics) argue that this law will not help persecute rapists and sexual assaulters because verbal consent or the lack of is still difficult to prove in court under this "yes means yes" law. And I have to say I agree with that. More laws need to be passed to protect victims.
BUT, for a country that has terrible sex education and I am looking directly at the bible belt for this one, teaching kids what consent actually is is a HUGE step in the right direction.
High school is the time when most kids start learning abut sex. This law will make sure they are learning the right things, like only doing something you are comfortable with, having the right to say no at any time, realizing that sex is not a power thing but something that is suppose to be fun and loving.
Teaching Yes means yes will help women (and men) everywhere practice safer sex. And the more informed you are, the more you can protect yourself.
So shout out to Cali for ditching the stupid idea of no sex until marriage and educating on the real issue; Safe and consenting sex.
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Hmm I think touch is hard though because you don’t know what that person has been through @GregLappen maybe they have been physically abused and that could trigger something.
@nicolejb if they have issues like that it needs to be brought up before hand. and I've del with a lot of abused women. All they need is patients and love not extra laws on top of laws. The government can't solve all problems some are up to us as individuals
@GregLappen I think that this is just smart because it is informing people are what consent is because the idea of the absence of no equals yes is terrible. Plus being to drunk, and if they have "been around" or not also does not equal a yes yet SOO MANY PEOPLE don't understand that. Like I said knowledge is power. This class could also teach that a yes is when the partner is actively involved in the hook up as well
@lizarnone did you even read my comments im not a against the class but as the article suggests I'm against further laws. the author wanted more. anyone who doesn't understand consent is a moron. mind you this is coming from a guy that when he picks up women at a bar he doesn't fuck them unless they still want to do it in the morning. so calm down
@GregLappen I wasn't upset, I was just saying why I like the class and the law because it means every school in that state has to hold the class. Also I did read your comment and never said anything attacking so there is no reason to get defensive or tell me to calm down. I'm all about conversation and disagreement as long as it's kept positive