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So first of all - Geum Jan Di will be played by none other than myself. Obviously because it's my story and I get to choose my leading lady.
Ga-Eul is Jan Di's best friend! The person to play my best friend in the story will be...... AMBER! I mean who wouldn't want her as a best friend?
Next we have one of the F4 members known as Yi Jung. Yi Jung is the playboy of F4 who everyone loves and swoons over. For the role of Yi Jung I have picked.... TOP! Why you ask? Because he has that image and everyone loves him (including me) but I wouldn't date him.
Next we have another member of F4. This time it is the protector of F4... Woo Bin. Woo Bin is a sweet guy at heart but is also in a gang. For this role I have picked Leo from Vixx. Why? Because he has this look that could kill, he is well built (so he can fight) but he is a little sweetheart inside.
Next we have yet another member of F4. This guy is Ji-Hoo. Ji-Hoo is the sweet guy of F4 who cares about Jan Di. Ji-Hoo is also one of Jan Di's love/romantic interests. The one to play this role is Kingone Wang. Kingone is such a sweet guy and has got that personality that is caring and loving. He's also got some looks going for him and I could totally see myself falling for his charms.
And last but not least we have the leading male role. The leader of F4 who is known as Jun Pyo. Jun Pyo bullies Jan Di but deep down inside he is interested in Jan Di. Jun Pyo is Jan Di's main love interest and finally wins Jan Di over. For this I will have Mike He play Jun Pyo. Mike He usually plays the badass guy who bullies the girl he likes. He is a bully at the start but his heart softens and he becomes a little cuddly teddy bear. He always protects the one he loves and will never deliberately hurt her. He is also good at playing pranks on the girl he likes.
So that is the end! This is my F4. Thank you @kpopandkimchi for creating this challenge! Don't forget to make your own F4! Who will be your Jun Pyo? Or Ga-Eul? Make a card of your own and create your own F4.
@kpopandkimchi yes he was! He always attracts the fan girls
omg TOP was BORN for that role!!!